Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.

We believe that people at home, such as stay-at-home-moms, are an incredibly capable and vastly underutilized group of people for getting great work completed. We hire people from around the world. Lifebushido is run solely by people working part-time from home.

The work involves everything needed to run our various business ventures. The work starts at 5 hours per week. If your work is good, you can increase to up to 20 hours per week. After a few months, we mutually explore your unique talents and the needs of Lifebushido ventures to determine the best work to fit your unique talents.

Best Agent Business is the primary venture of Lifebushido. The top 10-20% of Realtors are business entrepreneurs with revenue between $100,000 and $1,000,000. Like many entrepreneurs, they try to do it all and would benefit from outsourcing and delegating to part-time assistants and useful services over the web.

We help our clients spend more time on their unique talents at the same time that we focus on our own unique talents. Join us.

If interested in finding out more and applying, please email

Anything is Possible

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