There is a book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, that has been a big influence here at Lifebushido. The secrets revealed in this book are very simple concepts. You probably have heard them all before. The secrets are something anyone can do. It is so easy that it seems pretty obvious.

This books brings to light just how simple it is to be happy in your life. Most people make happiness out to be something complex. They struggle and waste away their lives trying to find happiness in all the wrong places. The one true place to find happiness is within yourself, as the book demonstrates.

The five secrets from the book are:

- Follow your heart
- Leave no regrets
- Become love
- Enjoy life today
- Give more

Simple and to the point, these five secrets are something that can change your life. Spend a week doing these things and you will see a change in your life. You will feel truly happy. It is simply amazing at how much such simple things can change your life, but they can. You do not have to take my word for it, though, try it and see what happens.


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