“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.”

~Konrad Adenauer

What comes to mind when you think of expanding your horizon? For me, it is a spin on thinking outside the box I’ve put myself and my possibilities in. Boxes are good for organizing and prioritizing (and moving!), but often the greatest and most influential ideas are found outside of them.

There is great value in specialization when it comes to the work you do every day. When we spend time learning and growing our skills in one particular area, we get good at it and it can be done with less effort and more efficiency. But specialization can carry with it a risk of getting stuck in a rut. Has that ever happened to you? Sometimes we become so comfortable with what we’re used to that we keep our heads down and get through our work quickly and efficiently, only to realize when we finally look up that our lives and those around us have passed us by.

We need to challenge ourselves to look for opportunities to expand our interests. This may be found by taking that class in stained glass you’ve put off because of time or expense, or learning a foreign language despite your fears that it may be hard. It may be as simple as listening to some of the quiet ideas of yourself or others in your own circles or industry and letting go of your predisposition to repeatedly follow the ideas of a few over and over again. Think outside the box and be willing to take the risk that comes with launching the next great idea.

What seems crazy at first glance, may contain a gem of truth - once unleashed, could change the world. Challenge yourself to capture the “crazy” thoughts and ideas you come across this week, both yours and those of others you know. Write them down and sit with them awhile. Some of them truly might be crazy, but, oh the potential of those that just might be the next great thing in your life!

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