Do you often wish you had more time in each day to get things done? Are you busy, but find at day’s end that you didn’t accomplish all that you’d hoped? If you find yourself overwhelmed with stress - you are likely in need of more effective time management skills. And, with our propensity toward multitasking and increased expectations that we get more done in the same amount of time, who isn’t?

First, it is critical for you to shift your focus and concentrate on getting results. Many people neglect to concentrate daily on the things that matter the most. Doing so, makes what we do during the day more efficient and effective. This will take work, but in the end you’ll be expending less effort and getting more done, which makes it all worth it.

Begin by completing these important steps:

Set Goals. If you know where you want to go, it is easier to do what is necessary to get there. Without goals, it is nearly impossible to focus. For expert help on this concept, visit

Prioritize your goals. Once you’ve set goals, you need to rate these goals in order of importance. It’s not enough to create a To-Do list, you need to organize it with the most important tasks listed first. This gives you a game plan for your day.

Minimize distractions. When you’re working on an important task, interruptions can be a huge time stealer. While all distractions cannot be eliminated, you can minimize them by planning time into your schedule for them and knowing which interruptions are necessary to attend to, and which are not.

Avoid procrastination. Procrastination can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed -figure out when and why you procrastinate and work to avoid it. Reward yourself for completing a task on your To-Do list. This will encourage you to complete the most boring or challenging tasks without putting them off.

Schedule your time. Take the time to plan your day, organizing your tasks by importance, and planning time for interruptions and unexpected events. Make sure your schedule reflects your priorities and goals.

For more information and advice on time management, take this quiz to examine your time management skills are. Putting these principles into practice will not only increase your productivity, but minimize stress in every area of your life.


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